Starting the season off early this year!

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Two years ago, the United States and China set out on a joint mission to the Arctic circle to discover new sources of oil. The mission quickly dissolved into a brutal clash at Outpost G4. Nobody knows who pulled the trigger first. Tensions are still high between China and the United States. The world is on edge, fearing war between the two superpowers.

Answers are needed. China and the United States independently send elite units to Outpost G4. Upon landing, they discovered they weren’t the only ones returning to the icy landscape looking for answers. British S.A.S. forces had already raided Outpost G4, taking most of the equipment, supplies, and data that had been left behind. The British campsite is a mere three miles away from Outpost G4; U.S. and Chinese special forces quickly moved in to recover what they could from the S.A.S. interlopers.

The S.A.S. campsite stands desolate. It is a ghost site on the frozen tundra. There is not a sound. The US and Chinese forces set up perimeters, established their own base camps, and continue their search for answers. Then a horrifying discovery in the charred remains of the British campsite changed the entire mission.

An alien life form that duplicates and eliminates human life forms penetrated Outpost G4. U.S. and Chinese special forces quickly realize what danger they face: They have already been exposed, just like the residents of Outpost G4 were.

Once again America and China will clash. And once again, something lurks among them. Hiding in plain sight, an imitation of human beings will prey upon them – both body and mind!

Come out and test your skill against every other player. There is no guarantee the human race will survive a second time. Nobody can be trusted.

Experience the ultimate mind game and together let’s find out Who’s Who……and Who’s The Thing.

Infamous’ own “Razor Girl” is going to be X.O. for the American side.  Come on and join us for a great game to kick off the 2011 season!


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