Post Game Report: Thing II

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Don’t know about the rest of the players from that game, but spent the rest of the weekend telling stories of the game and hearing a lot more stories of the game.  Everyone I talked to had a blast at the game and a completely different experience.  And now that I’m back to the grind, it’s time to do a quick post game post.

First off, again, thanks to Jpazz and Arh for coming up with another great time in paintball.  I’ve been to most of them, and the games are always something different.  There’s always something going on that would interest and challenge both the experienced player and the new comers to paintball.  These guys do it for the love of the game and it shows with every game they put on.  Oh, and Jpazz is still my favorite husky.  😉

Thanks to Skirmish for hosting a great game.  They were even looping The Thing movie all day in the pro shop.  When I finally left the field and wandered in to take advantage of the heat, I saw the movie playing.  Great element to add to the day.

Thanks to the reffing staff.  Great job once again guys.  Thanks for helping keep the game clean and safe.

For my full post game post, check out, under scenario play, Thing II game.

If anyone has any stories they’d like to share, fell free to post them here.  Would love to hear everyone’s experiences from this game.  And I can speak for all of Infamous by saying this game was a blast and we’re looking forward to the next G-Force game on June 4th, Revolution 2776.

Final Score America 60 – Chinese 38

Jenn aka Razor Girl
X.O. Team Infamous


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