Dark Ops Extreme VII

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Had a blast yesterday down in Manchester, NJ playing Cousin’s Dark Ops Extreme VII.  Our original plans was to have a nice easy day with us hitting the road again this weekend, but between it being a gorgeous day for paintball, and a good game, we quickly threw those plans out the window.  It was a real nice going back and forth.  We’d get overrun, then overrun them.  There were some of the widest flanks that we’ve ever been a part of.  And some really good firefights.  What more can you want in a game?  It was also nice seeing some friends through Cousins as well.  We were able to catch up with The Assassins, Ace0007 from the HellKatz, The Undertakers and The Wild Geese.  And it was also great coming across new faces as well in both new to the game and teams we haven’t come across before.

But, unfortunately, we did have to leave early.  It was a drive with work being the next day.  Fortunately though, we managed to find a Buffalo Wild Wings on the way back.  Love wings after a game before the sometimes long trek home.  🙂

Til next time…


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