Army of Darkness

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just cleaned Vera.  She’s all set…cleaned, oiled, and happy.  Left Sanders downstairs cleaning his Invert Mini.  All the gear is gathered and we’re set for hitting up TSSOC’s Army of Darkness game up at Poco Loco in New Hanover, PA tomorrow.  Gotta say pretty excited about this game, albeit it’s paintball, and I’m always excited for the next game, but this field is unlike anything us NYers normally get to play at.  Baring the giant uphill battle for the castle, which is always fun, are larger than man sized boulders.  The biggest rocks here in NY are palm sized.  😉  So this is like a giant paintball playground for us.  Will catch you guys when we get back.

Jenn a.k.a Razor Girl
XO Team Infamous

and Sanders who is around here somewhere…  😉


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