Back from Poco Loco

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

The real world caught up with us faster than we would have liked, so the post is a little late.  Apologies fellow readers.

Poco Loco is still an awesome field.  TSSOC put on a great show as well.  That being said…

The Deadites put up a good fight.  We had them pinned at their graveyard for most of the day, with a really great going back and forth.  We were almost sure that the hill for that field would be the end of the Humans for sure.  The castle was our respawn point, however, the castle was also at the top of the hill and we were battling the Deadites at the bottom of the hill.  The zombies were definitly smarter than us, staying at the bottom of the hill all day.  😉  But there were some great firefights.  The Deadites respawning at the graveyard kept us constantly on our toes and there were a ton of brand new players that were having a blast.  And as paintball players that’s always something great to see out there.

Had a great time running with friends, for once we weren’t shooting at them.  Well, not all of them. 😉  Running with Roger and Silence from Forefront, Mariol from Hellkatz,  ISH and Grazi’s cousin (it was his first time out and looks like no where near his last), Keg from TSSOC, Arh (paintball den mom) and Jpazz from Wolfpak, and shooting against Pete on the Deadites dressed like cookie monster.  It was an absolute blast, and Lord Ash and the Humans did win the day.

After a great meal over at the Sly Fox nearby we parted ways.  We went to Bethlehem for some much needed rest and shower but managed to catch up with some of ISH for breakfast the next day at Billy’s Downtown Diner for some more laughs and then headed back to NY.

Til next time…


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