Super Troopers

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

And we’re back from Super Troopers.  Hell Katz put on a great show at LVP South in Hatfield, PA.  We were the third entity along with our friends from Forefront, Ish and Red Hawks.  We were a small group but managed to be effective throughout the day.  And when we weren’t running with our group as the criminals of the bunch, we were involved in the usual fire fights, mind games, and jail breaks.  Yup.  Jail breaks.  Two members of Infamous couldn’t keep themselves out of jail at times, and trying to break them and other members of the third entity was just hilarious.  Between Sanders just literally wandering into red base unarmed to break Roger from Forefront out, or Razor under the noses of both the blue general and xo, running for the jail when their backs were turned to set Hawk free, or even Hawk himself and his badge telling everyone, when he got caught after his jail break, that he was under cover and should be set free, we were having a blast.  Hawk also used his badge to mess with the red team to have their own player released as well so they wouldn’t get points for them.

Now readers, you’re probably wondering where a criminal third entity would get a badge from?  Courtesy of the Mayor character Jpazz.  Somehow he thought it would be a good idea to give the third entity one, then was suprised at the mayhem that was caused.  🙂

There were warrants posted for a good portion of the people that play regularly, host games, or take leadership roles.  In the case of Infamous there were two.  One for Sanders due to his role as Jackie the Homeless guy from CIS: Skirmish, and one for our illustrious captain, Hawk.  Still waiting for Hell Katz to release the one of Hawk, but in the meantime, enjoy Sanders’ warrant.

Til next time…


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