Back from Big Game 2011

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey, all.  This time I’m posting solo instead of the team.  They had a great time, but I have all the stories this time…  😉

First things first.  Our Infamous Parking Pass.  We were late arriving at Big Game and our teammate CVAN saved a spot for us.  CVAN was one of the original members of Infamous back during the tourney days.  It’s his jersey on the chair.

After we parked we did end up posing for a group shot, though the entire team couldn’t be there this year.  Our teammate SWAT had his training extended so he had to miss this game.  More later on SWAT…but here’s our group shot from this year.

So the four of us take the field, and lo and behold, there’s a tank.  In honor of SWAT, I decided to chase the tank.  There were four guys following it.  I took two, chased off a third, but did manage to get out by a guy hiding in the brush.  After getting back with the guys, we went looking for trouble only to be shot by friendlies, which was a theme for the day.  Did get two great opportunities to shoot out many of my would be flankers.  So even though SWAT couldn’t make it out he was still on field in spirit while we caused mayhem throughout the day.

After we ran out of paint and air, we went to get wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was just the thing for after running around in the woods…great food, every game you could possibly wanna watch, and great service.

The event was a two day affair, but the weather was non stop raining by us on western long island, that we figured it was going to be just as bad there.  The weather reports confirmed it.  So we didn’t make it out, but CVAN did and said we missed another really good paintball day.  So our deepest regrets there.

Our next planned outing, cause we all know things don’t always go as planned ;), is June 4th for Revolution 2776.  Going to call up our buddy Jpazz to post more info on that game.

Til next time…

Jenn a.k.a. Razor Girl
Team Infamous XO


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