And we’re back…from the future?

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

So we’re back from our weekend out at Skirmish playing Revolution 2776 (thousand years later redo of the Revolutionary War).  The game was a blast (for our artillery gunner…literally).  Each of us had roles for the British, and we did them the only way Infamous knows how.  😉  There were a lot of historical instances throughout the day, like dumping the tea (this time in the water supply) and Paul Revere’s ride but there were also teleporters and artillery fire.  The Americans held the beach but the British held the woods and unfortunately between that and the artillery barrage, that is what won the day for the British.  And somewhere in the mix was a zombie that has already begun to infect the Americans…might be an important plot point for the best of three game?  😉

It was a good time courtesy of Jpazz and Arh from Wulfpak and G-Force Productions.  We got to play with our friends including Forefront and Pete Murphy, but we also got the rare chance to shoot against our friends on Ish and Keg.

Stay tuned for more game announcements from our camp.  Til next time…



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