Sad News for the Paintball Community

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

We received this email today from Boxx from Hell Katz.  Please take a moment in memory of someone who gave their life for this country.

“As most of you have read we lost a fellow player  US Army Sergeant James W. Harvey II  of Team Ragnarok was killed in action on June 20th while engaging enemy forces in Ghazni province, Afghanistan. He was wounded by small arms fire and subsequently died from his injuries. For the remainder of this season I would like to invite everyone on Team Hellkatz and any other team out there to place a yellow ribbon from their goggle strap in memory of him.  If you do not have one please come see someone from our team as we will have extra ribbons for people if they would like to pay tribute to the fallen solider, player, friend.
Please feel free to forward this one to anyone you know who you think may want to pay tribute.”


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