Back from I.O.N. 2011

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

So Sanders and I are back from Skirmish’s I.O.N.  Subsequently it was the 10th anniversary this year.  I can remember when Sanders and I were just fairly new players to the game, and far from being members of Infamous, we dragged his brother along for the first time ever to play paintball.  We even camped out.  10 years later, although Sanders and I didn’t play or bring his brother, we were there, camping (this time with a larger tent), still had our street sign of 1314 Dirt Road and hung out with the French as they would go back and forth between the Allies and the Germans.  Lots of good food, drink and good company.  Frenchie was on field all day running amok or drinking with friends.  A good time out, especially for last game.  The paintball community banded together to raise money for her and Grazi so they can visit/play some more when she goes off to the mid-west.  There was an attempt to overthrow Grazi from command of the French.  Factions were started between the XO’s of the French side (Jpazz and Keg).  There were shadow puppet shows, the pope (a.k.a. Mariol from Hellkatz) and strange guy dressed as an altar boy following him around.  Wonder who that could’ve been….  Oh, and thanks to both XO’s I was infected twice.  Damn Thing!

Til next time…

Jenn a.k.a. Razor Girl
X.O. Team Infamous


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