Returned from Oz

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

So this weekend we were out shooting paint with folks over at Poco Loco.  As you all know this is one of our favorites mainly because we don’t get boulders anywhere near our local fields.

The weather was sunny but mid 90s which did, unfortunately, slow us down, but it didn’t stop us.  We were out shooting tanks, running missions,  prop hunting…you name it we were probably involved in it.

Battle for Oz was the first game we played with 4 third entities.  One of which was the Tin Man as a tank which was constructed really great.  First half of the day was fun, albeit with a few hiccups, but it was all good.  The heat started to really take it’s toll by the end.  Our base ref, Tony, was the best friend a player could have out there handing out a seemingly endless supply of water.  The refs did a great job staying on top of everything and every so often you even saw the field owner out there amid the firefights searching for another great shot of everyone playing out there.

Til next time.

Jenn a.k.a. “Razor Girl”
Team Infamous X.O.

  1. Sounds like good Fun, I wish we had some larger games like this battle of oz go on here!

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