Heroes of Canton

Matt “Hawk” Guasco – Captain

One of the founding members of Infamous, He has worked at everything from customer service manager and head ref to event coordination in the paintball world, while taking the team from tournament play to scenario. The roster may have changed over the years, but as captain he’s kept the team running with the same integrity and spot on attitude from the beginning. He finally put down his Defiant and switched to an Eos that he affectionately calls “Red.” When not messing with people’s heads, he’s usually found standing at the front of the skirmish line or frolicking on the beach. He’s also been known to waltz with his X.O., Jenn, in the proverbial no man’s land.

Matthew W. “SWAT” Guasco – Co Captain

One of the founding members of Infamous and son of the team captain, Matt is  currently serving with the U.S. Air Force.  When not flying with the military, he’s running through the woods with the current lineup of Team  Infamous.  A front player despite scenario play, he’s the first to run into the melee be it incoming attacks or tank rolling in with reinforcements…all with his 1999 Angel.  That’s right folks, a 1999 Angel.  And like his father, he’s always up for messing with opposing players’ heads.  When asked why “SWAT”, the answer was “I’d tell you, but I’d have to kill you.”

Jenn “Razor Girl” DeFelice – X.O.

Starting off as one of the self proclaimed “cannon fodder” of Infamous, Jenn moved through the ranks to become X.O. She worked side by side with Matt as a referee for several years then joined Infamous when it was still a tourney team. It was there that she switched from her Tippmann 98 to her 2001 Impulse, aptly named “Vera” for being the “best damn gun made by man”. Still running side by side with Matt, Jenn is a constant source of ingeniously bad ideas (which somehow have a way of working out). You’ll always find her on field amidst a firefight or unarmed yelling “Why am I the only one with b***s?!” She went on to marry both teammate, and tech guy, James at the end of the 2010 season.

James “Sanders” Ruggiero – Tech

Also joined with Infamous during the “cannon fodder” period, James found fixing guns and woods ball more interesting than the adrenaline filled world of tourney. Constantly tinkering, and being asked to make bizarre things like the notorious rubber band of Battle of Berlin 2008 and 2009, he’s easily made his own place within the team. James went from his Tippmann 98 to an Invert Mini for the 2009 season and never looked back. Team Infamous can honestly say that we wouldn’t get anywhere without him. He’s almost always the practical voice both on and off the field with the exception of “we stood around in the rain for 20 minutes and all you did was ask for a lousy map?!?”

Art “CVAN” Weinberg – Medic

Named after the U.S.S. Enterprise, on which he served, Artie, another founding member of Infamous, has taken the role of team medic. Trained in First Aid from the Red Cross, and instructing others across Long Island, NY, Artie plays paintball, and occasionally bandages up players at our home field.


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