Splat-o-ween 7 at LVP South

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So Infamous will be taking the role of both General and X.O. in this upcoming game at LVP South in Hatfield, PA in the form of our Tech “Sanders” and our X.O. “Razor Girl” as both Jack and Sally respectively.  The game will be The Nightmare Before Christmas just in time for Halloween.  It’s being co-produced by a friend of ours, Pete “Cookie Monster” Murphy.  Come on out for a good time!  Here’s the premise:

Splat – O – Ween 7 comes back to LVP South Paintball Park.
307 Swartley Road
Hatfield, PA 19440

The Story Premise:
Jack Skellington (The Pumpkin King) seeks to satisfy this mysterious “longing” that something is missing from his life. Jack has begun to become disillusioned with Halloween Town and the focus of singularly scaring folks. He feels that something is drastically missing…and need to be filled.

Our Antagonist, Oogie Boogie is an opportunist who is sensing Jack’s weakening hold over the residence of Halloween town. Oogie is silently at first starting to disrupt the flow and plotting to take over Halloween Town. Oogie is beginning to recruit members to his side. Oogie loves the game of Chance and is willing to roll the dice on it. He is a gambling sort, but he doesn’t like to lose.
While Jack is preoccupied with discovering the mysteries of this new found “Christmas”, Oogie’s forces are taking hold of those who are losing faith in Jack. Oogie is taking hold, and teams move from Jack’s side to Oogie’s.
Players will be divided up into groups:

Oogie’s Minions: Ghouls, Zombies, Monsters, Demons

Jack’s Halloween Forces: Witches, Evil Clowns, Werewolves, Mummies, Vampires, Skeletons

Oogie will put his fate in the hands of chance…and “win” literally support from the different factions through a series of games of chance…gathering all the pieces. Oogie and his forces are concentrating on winning over these Halloween Town factions so that he can ultimately rule the town. Once he takes over, he looks to spread his evil ways to the other holiday worlds. Teams who start on the side of Jack, may not end up staying there and Vice Versa!!
Jack is consumed with gathering all the supplies needed to throw the perfect Christmas Holiday, at the same time the undercurrent of Oogie’s presence is felt more and more. Jack’s forces will start the game with higher numbers…but will they stay that way?? Only the game can decide!

Who will rule? Will Oogie have his goal of taking over? Will Jack lose sight of what is truly important and his role to bring us the perfect Halloween?


The Plague

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Well, we didn’t catch it which is good.  Though after the downpour, we’re all working on not catching a cold.

The plague kept spreading throughout the day, until the weather stopped the game.  Fortunately, we did have a talisman to protect us, however, in our attempt to trick the British, we were responsible, though indirectly, for the plague deaths of quite a few of our fellow Germans.  Towards the end of the day though, the British were collecting our fake talismans and tried to turn them in for points.  It didn’t work, but we traded a role player for points.  🙂

It was a good going back and forth throughout the day.  Missions were run.  Tons of props were collected.  Another great game by G-Force Productions, but alas, it was the second to last that they’re producing.  The last being The Thing III in February.  That’s going to be a great game to end on, so it will be bittersweet.

We shot against most of our friends, ran with some great teams, and it was the first game ever for the next generation ISH player Matt, who was being called little RAM (after his dad) throughout the day.

We’re hoping to try one more game to finish out the season.  Hopefully will see you out there.

Till next time…

Jenn a.k.a. Razor Girl
Team Infamous X.O.

CVAN being an Irish gnome at Poco Loco

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We came.  We saw.  We conquered.

The game at Poco Loco was everything we expected and more.  The weather was perfect.  The field is always a great time.  Scenario paintball.  What more could you want?

House of Julii took won the day, but it was hard earned.  Brutii worked really hard to stop us at every twist and turn.  And also want to take a quick moment to congratulate a friend of ours, “Grazi” for finally getting an MVP.  It’s hard to believe a player of his caliber had yet to earn one, but it was well deserved.

Our next outing is going to be Spaceballs, where our team captain, Matt “Hawk” Guasco, will be XO to “Grazi” for the good guys.

Til next time…

Jenn a.k.a. Razor Girl
Team Infamous X.O.

I’m getting shot…

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Tomorrow.  🙂



Kicking off the 2012 Season

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Ok folks, it’s mid March and we all know what that means…start of paintball season (at least for the Northeast it does).  We hit the road tomorrow for Poco Loco Paintball (New Hanover, PA) to join our fellow paintballers with the House of Julii in Rome:2045 by TSSOC Paintball.

Catch you guys when we return! 

Jenn a.k.a. Razor Girl
Team Infamous XO


Operation Phoenix 2

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Didn’t get the chance to post that we were on the road again, but we’re back from the make up game at Fireball Mountain over in North Hanover, NJ.  This time the weather was perfect conditions for paintball.  No hurricane helps too.  😉

We had a great day out.  Artie traveled with us again to this game and ran around with us on field all day.  We got to play with friends from Forefront and Hellkatz and met new friends like Sons of Vengeance.

Our next and probably last scheduled road trip for the 2011 season is the make up date for Search for the NJ Devil on December 4th.  We’ll still be playing for the Thrill Seekers.  Hoping to catch you guys there.

Til next time…

Jenn a.k.a. Razor Girl
X.O. Team Infamous