Who Are We

Infamous was first formed by both the captain and his son in 1997 as a tournament team playing on Long Island, NY. It would run the 5 man tourney circuit, placing in many tournaments and known for it’s sportsmanship both on and off the field. The team captain was photographed during one game in the first but not last incarnation of the team’s jersey, in Paintball Sports magazine published April 2000.

The team changed it’s roster and look for the new millennium. It stayed in the tournament circuit for another couple of years before the team left for it’s many endeavors…college, work, the military, etc. The new recruits, or “cannon fodder” as we called ourselves, left the woods for a faster paced world of tournament paintball, where being seen and heard was the name of the game for the team. It was no longer a world of camo and hiding. The team changed from a 3 man team to a 5 man team and back under the same captain before going inactive in 2003.

Despite being inactive, the members of Infamous kept in touch and on one fateful day in 2008, we decided to get the band back together for the proverbial shits and giggles. We never looked back.

For most of us, we went back to our roots, but kept the tourney flair about us, and that look finally followed us with another change in uniform for the 2010 season. We are a team that plays paintball for the sake of paintball. Nothing more, nothing less. Our mission? Outside of safety being our number one concern, we strive to have as good as time as possible, whether it is leading/organizing a charge, waltzing in the proverbial No Man’s Land, or frolicking on the beach with our rubber band. We play with anyone that’s come out to play paintball, be it experienced teams or brand new players. They are, after all, the future of this sport. If someone has a good idea, we’re right there playing with them the only way we know how…

So, in short, we’re honorable players always up for a good time, win or lose. We may sometimes be on the side of the underdogs, but we’ll never be anything but loud and everywhere. We’re Infamous.


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